The Durutti Column - Chronicle XLFormula One/Ears Go FFF! split 7-inch singleUnisex/Good Morning Canada split 7-inch singleIngo Star Cruiser - 'Contrafus' 7-inch singleThe Retro Spankees - 'I Know You Are But What Am I?' CD albumFurther Excursions Into The Ulu With Dollboy (Kookydisc 32)

Welcome to Kooky

We are a small independent label with a big passion for releasing music we personally love and hope you do too!

Since '96 we have released music from many backgrounds and our catalogue covers music loosely and not exclusively from the stables of Country Punk, Hip Hop, Electronica, Welsh Speaking Pop (Diolch Topper!), Folk Ambient Pop and of course Avant Garde Jazz Classical!