11 June 2014

Chronicle and Sunil

Chronicle is dedicated to the memory of Sunil Kumar.

Sunil was a huge Durutti Column fan.

I met him on a couple of occasions at shows. He was always the first to order anything online. I know a lot of you out there knew of him and he posted on the discussion group with keen interest.

Very sad to hear he had passed away when I tried getting in touch last year. With his family's blessing we thought it fitting to remember him with this release. If you knew him, I hope you will join us in remembrance.

There was a boy....

Text from VGR - 11/6/14

"Phil - inside this WORK OF ART ! -there r three badges - my face / date of birth / & "1" - does that depict I've been given no. 1 of this incredible Ltd Edition ? Coz Bruce told me there's a sticker on the box depicting that but there isn't ? Just curious ? Anyway I'm still trying to get my head round the wonder of this ARTIFACT !! BLOWN AWAY of Didsbury XXXXXXX"