10 May 2014

The Durutti Column - Chronicle XL [kookydisc 60]

Chronicle XL
CD: UK - will be released in the week commencing 07.07.14 (Kooky website pre-release 23:59 BST 02.05.14) (Kooky Records kookydisc 60)

Important note

Chronicle XL by The Durutti Column is selling well in all good stores.... but a few copies are now available to buy direct via mail order from Kooky.

Please note the following (as previously)

1. It is first come first served and one only.
2. No reservations - you buy one to get one (obvious?).
3. One per household.
4. If you bought one previously please let someone else get one - or try your local store.
5. Please do not panic.....! There are still plenty available at your local store so you can obtain one there!
6. This is a few that were not passed on to the press. They are part of the 'general' release i.e. not the first 500 or so.


Finally, this is all about The Durutti Column and perhaps more specifically Vini Reilly. Vin has been quite poorly and it's fair to say his strokes have made life more challenging for him.

I am often asked "what can I do..." or "If only I could help..." etc.

Buy this and enjoy - if not here then in a store/shop. But please keep perspective on supporting him by buying his great music; from any label which is putting out his tunes and any shop that stocks his releases.

Thanks for your great support, it is never taken for granted but always appreciated by the band and Kooky.

Chronicle XL is available to buy via Cargo.


Chronicle One

Embattled Heart And Battling
Poppy & Pancho
The Rest Of A Life
The Water Colour Class - Feat. Jill Taylor
Nine Years
Mercy In The Cathedral
To Raise A Gentle Smile
Pancho And Poppy
Fanfare Reprise

Chronicle Two

Free From All The Chaos - Feat. Caoilfhionn Rose Birley
Electrostatic - Feat. Caoilfhionn Rose Birley
Follow - Feat. Caoilfhionn Rose Birley
Misery - Feat. Caoilfhionn Rose Birley
Big Bill Rance
Vin + The Tabla Bong Guitar
Martin Jackson Was Here
Dry On The Rocks
Running Bass For Sharrock
The Changes Go Up And The Changes Go Down
Good Work Vin And Keir
Juan Montero & The Drum


Contains photographs taken by Vini over his life including friends, family, people he has worked with and Red Kites (Milvus milvus). Bruce Mitchell has provided a background to the project; how it came about, the brief and where it ended up in the form of an essay.


Each copy comes with a foil blocked certificate


Every copy will have a random map. It will be a small part of Manchester detailing a location linked to his life. There are six in total and the mail order ones only will have all six.

Bonus Material In a Digital Format

And there is plenty of it! The third compact disc wallet will house a special insert. This will supply the unique download code required to access:

Bonus Audio

Live tracks - from the last shows - unreleased

Music stems from A Paean to Wilson - mix your own version


Mike Mitchell's extensive details of the band's live performances

Bonus Visuals

More unseen photographs from Vini's personal collection

Promotional Photos

Press and promotional images of the band from the 1980's to the present.

There Was A Boy...

Accounts from fans and admirers of the artist.

This will all be housed in a custom-made box covered in claret coloured fabric.


  1. Paul from Cologne3 May 2014 at 00:02

    Cheers Phil :))))

  2. Dear M. Cleaver,
    thanks for your long-standing support to the DC: you literally make this new jewel come into existence + eager now to receive the precious!

  3. 00:22 and all pre-order copies sold out! Very disappointed :-(

  4. eric naulaerts3 May 2014 at 08:46

    This is the first release i will not have bought from your site, thanks to the stupid hour of sale start. Not amused.

  5. Crappiest CD launch ever. My feelings about DC went WAY down if they were aware of the idiotic approach you took. Whatever, there are dozens of DC CDs out there and I can live without this one.

    1. Thanks for making this available in a more orderly fashion. It looks like you responded in the right way to some disappointed fans. It is a pleasure to support Vini in any way possible.

  6. Say what you mean... mean what you say

    1. Thanks for this second chance of buying this beauty. Really. Thanks.

  7. Thank you Phil for making this available. I got a copy and can't wait to get it. Vini will always be one of my most sought after musicians. Please thank him for me and best wishes.

    Charles from Canada

  8. Thanks for making extra copies available. I've just bagged one for myself.

  9. Glad there were still some left seeing as I forgot at seven o'clock. Thanks for making more available.

  10. Cheers Phil,

    Slept through the first chance. Thanks for this.

  11. Looking fwd to blasting Vini over the prairie in Iowa....

  12. Hi, I wonder if there are any copies left and if so, how to order? Cheers, Jani

  13. All info is on the website - general release in July

  14. Please can you clarify if Chronicle XL is the same product tan Chronicle LX:XL. I ordered the second but I got the first, at least that is what it says in the box. Can anyone clarify this please?

  15. Anonymous - lovely to hear from you...

    XL is the ONLY issue... not sure what 'first' and 'second' refer to ????????????