21 April 2014

Dirk Wears White Sox and Record Store Day

Record Store Day has become a really good focus for people to go and support their local shop/store  keeping this network of the music industry alive for us to survive and thrive.

I was not doing anything this year particularly special. There were a few things that caught my eye and then I noticed John Robb's blog about the original Adam and the Antz line-up re-forming to play Dirk Wears White Sox at the Apollo in Hammersmith on Record Store Day.

This was the first album I bought which truly meant something to me and I would say it till forms part of my top twenty-five albums. This album was the start of my love affair with music and collecting.

I walked down Berwick Street to see what Sister Ray were doing and queued as ironically and by accident not design Adam played 'Cartrouble'. This had sold out along with several other titles I fancied... a shame but I had not got there til mid-afternoon.

At six o'clock I was looking at eBay to see copies selling at 60/80 quid and buy it nows post 100 pounds. I did manage to get a copy at the show; some were on sale here at 40 pounds - but this of course would be too include the 25% or so merchandise commission on sales by the venue.

That feels kind of wrong - I hope that it does not feel like an ebay frenzy on the hangover. The Quietus wrote a brilliant piece - PLEASE take the time to read it here

I had thirty or so individuals ask me if I would be selling the Chronicle album on the kooky site as they were not near a physical shop.

I am glad to be doing it mail order and still through the independents that it means that everyone gets a chance to buy one.

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