24 February 2014

The Durutti Column - Chronicle XL

The Durutti Column - Chronicle LX XL - early packagingChronicle, by The Durutti Column, is to be officially released on Kooky as part of Record Store Day 2014, which will take place on 19 April 2014.

This will be a very limited special and expanded version to acknowledge the artist's sixtieth year of his life; thus Chronicle LX XL.

The Original Commission

The partly autobiographical album was first commissioned for a performance in April 2011 at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. During this period, Vini and Poppy (his girlfriend of 9 years) parted company and it was a heartbroken Vini that went on to complete the production. Despite the breakup, Poppy had agreed to perform on piano that evening for two of the songs that she had written with Vini accompanying on guitar. Over the following three years, the artist has battled serious illness and has not played a full show since. It was – and still is – a very difficult time physically, mentally and emotionally for Vini Reilly. The compositions reflect a particular stage in Vini's recent life.

At the Bridgewater Hall show, a pre-release limited edition CD was available for that evening only, with a note by Vini explaining the background to the new work. Chronicle began as an autobiographical project, marking particular moments in Vini's past. Although elements of this surfaced in the original Chronicle, events in his life while recording the album brought a new twist to the project.

Chronicle 1 and LX: Chronicle 2 – The Music and more explanation

Bruce Mitchell:

"So there are two versions of Chronicle. We did a special edition for the gig at the Bridgewater Hall, where people could get the album as part of a premium ticket deal. In 2011, we premiered the music there, with all Vini's photographs up on the screen. That was the last gig really. The following day, Phil Cleaver from Kooky said he'd got back home to find his emails full of requests from the audience to buy one. So they all sold out, immediately. But soon afterwards Vin became really ill."

"It was a big, expensive recording, Chronicle. And Vin, despite being ill, did this further version, taking all aspects of musical life. So there's Chronicle 1 and Chronicle 2. What I wanted Vini to do as a composer was something similar to Elgar's Enigma Variations. A piece of music about certain people in a life. I wanted him to do this and link the music to photographs he'd taken over the years. Vin's a great photographer."

However, Reilly remains the Durutti Column's indisputable leader, and had the last say. Bruce continues: "I didn't quite get what I wanted, because in the end, Vini wanted the album to be about his life at this point in time. We couldn't finish it for a while because Vin was in such a bad way. But now it's there. And we've got some very interesting, very powerful music on this. Vini doesn't think show business. To him, it's all about a musical imperative."

Chronicle LX XL – The Package

In a package that continues the Durutti Column's tradition of innovation, the album will be released as part of the Record Store Day rota for April '14; something we are all so pleased about. It will only be available in special packaging containing personal images from the artist's camera and photographic collection.

Continuing the autobiographical theme, the packaging will acknowledge previous releases through parts of its design.

A foil blocked burgundy textured clamshell box will contain:

- A full colour saddle stitched booklet with an introduction by Bruce Mitchell and a collage of photographs from Vini's own personal collection.

- A printed sandpaper insert

- A map (randomly selected one of six) redrawn in 'Obey the Time purple and yellow' showing a place of importance to the artist

- A grey card certificate in a custom envelope

- Two compact discs in pochettes.

- Each box set will have a map grey card certificate.

There are no plans to release this in any other format at present and this will be strictly limited to 1000 copies only worldwide.

Following the successful vinyl reissue of A Paean to Wilson last year, Chronicle LX XL promises to sell out quickly.

Pricing details to be confirmed.


  1. Bill from Manchester.25 February 2014 at 00:36

    This is truly Fantastic news. This release and the forthcoming Chorlton interview and are already making this a great year to be a Durutti Column fan. I've been looking forward to Chronicle for what seems like years after the Bridgewater (teaser) CD. I really hope Vini is on the mend and he releases many more Albums on your excellent label.

  2. HELL-TO-THE-YEAH!!!! Gonna be awesome Phil!!!

  3. It's a very good news! Thank you, Phil! How can I get it from Japan? I wait to know more details.

  4. Great news.Been looking forward to this one for ages.Will hope to be amongst the die hard followers and purchase a copy.Many thanks Phil.

  5. This package sounds so well conceived, Phil. I'm longing to get hold of it. Can we pre-order from Kooky? Been waiting for this for a long time.

  6. Very very excited for this. Hopefully this will be available in the USA, (or an amount set aside for ordering through Kooky directly).

  7. Yes, long been waiting for this. US availability or pre-order from this site. Thank you.


  8. Great news! I knew Kooky would do something special with this. Now if I can only get a copy!


  9. Will this release be available in Australia? (Record Store Day items are really hard to get hold of here.....)

  10. Really looking forward to this one!!! Chris Bristol, UK

  11. Just got my copy and it is artifact of true beauty - Many Thanks to Vini, Bruce, Phil and all who worked on this - it is something to treasure

  12. I got the record but in the box it says Chronicle XL not Chronicle LX:XL did I receive the wrong product or is just the same, please clarify it if you will. Thank you and best regards to DC.