24 February 2014

Eugene Skeef & Rae Howell - Heavy Forest Air

Eugene Skeef and Rae Howell - Heavy Forest AirEugene Skeef and Rae Howell
Heavy Forest Air
CD: UK 05.12.13 (Kooky Records, kookydisc 36)

'Heavy Forest Air' a live spontaneous musical collaboration between Eugene Skeef and Rae Howell (Sunwrae) available on Kooky compact disc and digital download.

Recorded live by Jared Miller at The Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada, it was an impulsive venture in a hall filled with percussion instruments that began as an experiment following an intensive three-month winter music residency.

The three tracks are suitably bound by Eugene's stylish labyrinth of rhythms on all things percussive and Rae's minimalistic prowess on marimba and vibraphone.

Heavy Forest Air is a mellifluent sound world, unclassifiable, yet superbly ceremonious. Eugene serendipitously changes between udu, congas, gongs, water bowls and many other drums, providing solid, yet continuously surprising rhythmic backbones to Rae's creations on melodic percussion. 


Heavy Forest Air - 24.11
Ocean of Emptiness - 18.49
Restless Woodland - 3.50

Heavy Forest Air is available to buy via Cargo.

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