25 December 2013

Dollboy - Ghost Stations

Oliver Cherer (dollboy) has recently re-issued his very limited 'Ghost Stations' album on the excellent Second Language imprint. It is worth taking out a subscription here as ,like this album, many releases have exclusive bonus CD's available only through subscription.

We think its rather fabulous... the Second Language website adds:

'The music on Ghost Stations finds Dollboy conjuring the haunted spirit of these stations, basing his atmospherically charged compositions on field recordings captured at sites on both the U-bahn and the London Underground. As he says in the accompanying notes: "I have tried to imagine the spirits of those that might have passed through: commuters, revellers, spies, worshipers and the decaying remnants of ghostly dance orchestras."

To find out more and purchase the album please click here.

Second Language subscribers will also receive a semi-transparent bonus disc, Sidings, featuring remixes of tracks from the album by C├ędric Pin, Blood On The Snare, The Home Current and Silent Tape. A train ticket commemorating Dollboy's recent live performance of the album at the Brunel Museum, Rotherhithe is also included.