18 October 2013

Nightingales Project - A Kooky Various Artists release

Nightingales - A project supported by various artists to be released Spring 2014.

These birds return in the mid-end of April every year from Africa to breed. I am looking to release the album March 2014 - just before the nightingales return to the UK.

I recorded nine minutes of the male Nightingale birdsong during breeding at an ancient wood, near my home.

We have offered the piece of music to various artists from different backgrounds to see what they will come up with from it. The brief is to use the song however they like just so long as it is used in some part.

I will need all finished parts by the end of 2014 at the latest. I already have a few finished songs delivered and anticipate having twelve tracks in total - more will be posted here as I have news.

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