25 December 2013

Dollboy - Ghost Stations

Oliver Cherer (dollboy) has recently re-issued his very limited 'Ghost Stations' album on the excellent Second Language imprint. It is worth taking out a subscription here as ,like this album, many releases have exclusive bonus CD's available only through subscription.

We think its rather fabulous... the Second Language website adds:

'The music on Ghost Stations finds Dollboy conjuring the haunted spirit of these stations, basing his atmospherically charged compositions on field recordings captured at sites on both the U-bahn and the London Underground. As he says in the accompanying notes: "I have tried to imagine the spirits of those that might have passed through: commuters, revellers, spies, worshipers and the decaying remnants of ghostly dance orchestras."

To find out more and purchase the album please click here.

Second Language subscribers will also receive a semi-transparent bonus disc, Sidings, featuring remixes of tracks from the album by C├ędric Pin, Blood On The Snare, The Home Current and Silent Tape. A train ticket commemorating Dollboy's recent live performance of the album at the Brunel Museum, Rotherhithe is also included.

28 October 2013

Durutti Column Kooky Re-issues

Two Durutti column titles 'A Paean to Wilson' and 'Vini Reilly' will be re-issued in jewel cases towards the end of this year.

Both contain the original artwork and will feature as two disc sets with the same material as the original digi-packs.

They will be available at a lower price and we hope to have them on sale in the kooky shop next month.

18 October 2013

Nightingales Project - A Kooky Various Artists release

Nightingales - A project supported by various artists to be released Spring 2014.

These birds return in the mid-end of April every year from Africa to breed. I am looking to release the album March 2014 - just before the nightingales return to the UK.

I recorded nine minutes of the male Nightingale birdsong during breeding at an ancient wood, near my home.

We have offered the piece of music to various artists from different backgrounds to see what they will come up with from it. The brief is to use the song however they like just so long as it is used in some part.

I will need all finished parts by the end of 2014 at the latest. I already have a few finished songs delivered and anticipate having twelve tracks in total - more will be posted here as I have news.

Rae Howell and Eugene Skeef - 'Heavy Forest Air' Kookydisc 36

'Heavy Forest Air' a live spontaneous musical collaboration between Eugene Skeef and Rae Howell (Sunwrae) is to be released by Kooky on compact disc and via digital download at the end of 2013.

Recorded live by Jared Miller at The Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada, it was an impulsive venture in a hall filled with percussion instruments that began as an experiment following an intensive three-month winter music residency.

The three tracks are suitably bound by Eugene's stylish labyrinth of rhythms on all things percussive and Rae's minimalistic prowess on marimba and vibraphone.

Heavy Forest Air is a mellifluent sound world, unclassifiable, yet superbly ceremonious. Eugene serendipitously changes between udu, congas, gongs, water bowls and many other drums, providing solid, yet continuously surprising rhythmic backbones to Rae's creations on melodic percussion. 

Rae has also collaborated with another Kooky favourite New Buffalo on the release 'Trigger'.

She is however best known though for her Sunwrae Ensemble which has played many shows across Australia where her live shows have received much critical acclaim engaging and visually stimulating, Sunwrae stylishly captivate audiences with textured with persuasive rhythms and spectacular improvisation! Howell's compositions are a rare treat, crossing the boundaries of classical, jazz and cinematic music with surprising immediacy and vibrancy rarely experienced in contemporary music today.

See Sunwrae here.

18 June 2013

Vini Reilly Stupefied

Check out a playlist that Vini Reilly has for music and culture website Stupefaction.

02 May 2013

A Paean To Wilson 2LP sold out

Please note the double vinyl edition of A Paean To Wilson is now sold out.

Thanks to everyone who bought a copy on Record Store Day or online.

The 2CD edition is still available in the Shop.

30 April 2013

The Durutti Column - A Paean To Wilson (2LP)

The Durutti Column - A Paean to Wilson2LP: UK 13.04.20 (Kooky Records, Kookydisc 35)
Download: UK 13.04.20 (Kooky Records) (via code redemption)



I Or Are You Just A Technician
II Chant
III Quatro


IV Requiem
V Stuki
VI Along Came Poppy


VII Brother
VIII Duet With Piano
IX Darkness Here


X Catos Revisited
XI The Truth
XII How Unbelievable

Download only: Heaven Sent (It Was Called Digital. It Was Heaven Sent) [Kookydisc 35]

1 Bruce
2 Keir
3 Neil
4 Mike
5 Alan
6 Anthony



Liner notes by Vini Reilly

A Paean to Wilson is part of a body of work which I started around the time that my friend, Tony Wilson died. Towards the end of his illness, I sent him an instrumental track and he loved it, so I decided that the right thing to do was carry on.

I was at the hospital when he died. We were very, very close. Afterwards, many things were done in his name. They were all about 'Mr Manchester', and about what Tony had done for music, art and literature. I didn't attend many of them. I'd just lost one of my closest friends and I had all the grief that you feel under such circumstances. Once I'd got my act together though, I decided to do something for myself and for Tony.

The Durutti Column was Tony Wilson's baby. We were the first act signed up to his Factory club night and the first band signed to Factory Records. Over the years we worked on many albums together and the one thing that Tony and I always argued about was that he thought that I should make music and write rather than sing.

After he died, I decided to make a body of work which did not have traditional song structures and which was concerned solely with the musical content. My only objective was to create some music that Tony would thoroughly approve of. I think I've done that and, if his spirit lives on - which I like to think that it does - I want him to know that this is for him. Vini Reilly


Vini Reilly - Guitar, Piano
Bruce Mitchell - Drums, Marimba
Keir Stewart - Bass, Keyboards, Harmonica
Poppy Morgan - Piano
John Metcalfe - Viola
Tim Kellet - Trumpet

Ruby Morgan, Kate Williamson - Vocals

String arrangements by Ian Livingstone and Keir Stewart; performed by the Livingstone Chamber Ensemble. Recorded at Highfield Studios, Guildford, Surrey

Composed by Reilly, Stewart & Mitchell

Drums engineered by Seadna McPhail and recorded at Moolah Rouge, Manchester

Produced by Keir Stewart
Executive producer Bruce Mitchell

Mixed & mastered by Keir Stewart at Inch Studio, Manchester - www.inchstudio.com

The copyright in this recording is owned by Bruce Mitchell Productions

Photography by Stephen Wright
Sleeve by Trevor Johnson & Lynx Studio

Kookydisc 35


Manufactured in the EU


Double 180 gram vinyl edition produced in a limited edition of 497 copies for Record Store Day 2013 in the UK. Copies not sold in the shop subsequently offered by mail order to Kooky Records mailing list and other customers via thedurutticolumn.com and kookydisc.co.uk. Includes an envelope containing the Manchester International Festival programme and a large postcard featuring the original artwork.

Content of the album is the same as the CD version with the exception of a slightly different mastering overseen by Keir Stewart and the removal of the wind noise at the end (due to timing constraints).

The 'Heaven Sent' download tracks offered as CD2 in the original cd version (Kookydisc 29/2) are offered as a free download along with this vinyl edition and are exactly the same. Further bonus tracks were not offered but may subsequently be distributed by a means that remains to be determined.

18 April 2013

Record Store Day 2013

Hi all

Not many hours until the biggest day in most 'proper' shops calendar!

Please go and support your local store and the great choice of releases available this year. The labels, musicians and of course shops all rely on your support.

Many great releases will also be suitably supported by a fabulous choice of in-store performances, raffles, signings, food and drink on offer.

As someone who buys when he can from anywhere but the big profiteers that need little introduction or elaboration, it is really really good to see a flourishing interest in this event.


14 April 2013

A Paean to Wilson - Download

Hello folks  and a big shout out to anonymous!

Just to reaffirm that some copies are definitely going to the US as well as Leeds Manchester and London.

As now (over)stated perhaps I will be selling any that may be left over here after RSD so please keep checking the site and twitter.

Finally, I am hoping to locate some early mixes of Paean as bonus tracks for the 'download' but please bear with me on that one !

Enjoy your week people - its nearly Monday


31 March 2013

Record Store Day 2013

Less than three weeks to go!

I have been reliably informed almost all copies are sold and that this refers to worldwide distribution.

As previously posted - Amy copies left over shall be sold here, with preference given to those who have bought from us before.

Many thanks

Laters Potatas !

17 March 2013

off topic - Kooky 3 Cerysmatic 2

Hello All

The unlucky coops super hoops were narrowly beaten in clash of the lower part of the premier league by a marginally better Villa.

All at Kooky Towers hope that 'arry keeps Rangers up and thank Cerysmatic friends for honouring the debt from the wager.

Proper news about music will be resumed in the near future.

10 March 2013

Paean to Wilson - Record Store Day 20/4/13

A Paean To WilsonDetails have now finally been confirmed for this release...

It is pressed on 2 x 180gram vinyl discs, remastered and gently coaxed since the CD release in 2009.
The main alteration is the omission of the 'hidden track wind noise' at the end of the album; to bring timings in within the limits of four sides!

Artwork has been restructured by Trevor Johnson and the album also contains the following:

a) A free download code with every copy.
b) A copy of the original folded poster programme from the MIF show.
c) A postcard - using the cover image of Tony Wilson and Vini sat at the piano, with information on the flip side.

Both these physical artefacts ( b) and c) ) will be packed in a black envelope foil block stamped and inserted in the album before shrink wrapping. 

Pressing :- There are exactly 497 copies one run only
Availability :- Released 20th April 2013 for Record Store Day*

* Please note - This means that it will only be sold through record shops primarily to support our independent retailers.

Quoting the Record Store Day website they deem as thus: 'A Record Store Day participating store is defined as a stand alone brick and mortar retailer whose main primary business focuses on a physical store location, whose product line consists of at least 50% music retail, whose company is not publicly traded and whose ownership is at least 70% located in the state of operation. (In other words, we’re dealing with real, live, physical, indie record stores—not online retailers or corporate behemoths).'

It will retail at £26.00

However... Should there be any remaining stock, it will be sold here at Kooky and I will be putting the relevant details here.

In the meantime, please support and lobby your local store and make sure they get some copies in stock for sale



27 January 2013

MOJO - Johnny Marr Feb Issue

Chant from A Paean To Wilson as featured on MOJO cover cdAs many of you have already spotted 'Chant' from the Durutti album Paean to Wilson appears on the Johnny Marr curated Cover- mount CD FREE with this issue of MOJO.

Thanks to all those people who have subsequently bought one !

20 January 2013

Hey you...!

... get onto my cloud! We are techy savvy and have a soundcloud!

We can be found at soundcloud.com/kooky-discs

The Icypoles

The IcypolesThe Icypoles grew out of a soundtrack to an experimental film. Here is the scene: a girl writes into a magazine with a problem about her teenage love life. She doesn’t know if she’s too young for love. The magazine is from a by-gone era, the music sounds something like Sixteen Candles with backing vocals to a ‘Dear Editor’ soliloquy.

During the recording Isobel Knowles discovered a love for 60s girl group garage bands and film music that creates a particular dark ambience. She workshopped some band names with her best friends Tara Shackell and Kim White and together with them created the idea of The Icypoles.

Suddenly there was a new reason to write music and a small repertoire emerged. The songs featured on debut release, Promise To Stay represent this first collection.
Tara and Isobel were invited to join Architecture in Helsinki soon after The Icypoles started playing to audiences and there was a long pause in the development of the band while AIH toured the globe. But the idea stayed strong and more songs showed their faces over the years.

The time came to take The Icypoles more seriously. The girls found a new drummer, Lani Sommer, and together went into the recording studio (a kitchen in a temporary house). The recordings were interspersed with shows around Melbourne and small tours (Sydney, Stockholm and New York City!).

A cassette came out in London with Sexbeat zine and eventually some more recordings were made with producer, Haima Marriott and the mixing process began. Isobel and Haima had worked together on those first soundtrack recordings and revisited their recording experiments to come up with a sound for The Icypoles.

Kooky Catalogue

Promise To Stay (Kookydisc 31)