08 October 2012

Chronicle by The Durutti Column

Chronicle - The Durutti Column'Chronicle', the partly-autobiographical album by The Durutti Column, is to be officially released on Kooky.

Whilst it was first commissioned for a performance in 2011 at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, the album will now finally see the light of day early 2013; something we are all so pleased about. It will be available in special packaging containing personal images from the artist's camera and photographic collection.

It was and still is a very difficult time physically mentally and emotionally for Vini Reilly; reflected in the compositions.

More details will follow shortly...


  1. I hope this album will be released as an LP.

  2. I look forward to it as I do every Durutti cd - listening to 'Pigeon' right now as I have the house to myself & it's dark. That's the best time for some Durutti mysic :-)