07 September 2012


SeafoodFormed in 1996, their second single was a one-off for Kooky in 1998 ['Psychic Rainy Nights' kookydisc005] which the NME described as "Sweeping guitar fuzz and enough hooks to raise the Titanic".

We liked them so much they came back for a guest appearance on our 'Once Upon A Time A Kooky' 10-year celebration compilation. We liked their artwork too as they were no slouches in that department either. Indeed, the band all exhibited their individual artwork at the annual Royal Academy postcard exhibition.

Seafood continued until 2009 on other labels including Fierce Panda and Cooking Vinyl before calling it a day.

Kooky Catalogue

Once Upon A Time A Kooky [kookydisc 24]
Psychic Rainy Nights [kookydisc 005]



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