08 September 2012


L'augmentation were for the largest part of the shortest history...

Angela Cross - Drums, Flute, Accordion
Lisa Sellick - Trumpet, Vocals
Jim Smith - Bass
Simon Vincent - Keyboards, Vocals


They sent us a great little cassette...

Moseley has always been home to an interesting collection of Brum's musicians and they did not disappoint.

Formed from the 'bones' of the notorious band Dog Food among others, they were a mix of Parisian Film Noir and Sixties Beat... Their tape for life lived at 24 frames per second – as below!!! They called us up to go over mastering during the first half of and England World Cup qualifier; they were heavy thinkers and still are very principled and particular folk.

We were so so excited to get a Maida Vale Session with Peel in 1997... I remember recording it on cassette, the new song 'Sundrenched' gave us some real excitement for single number three - if it wasn't for...

John Peel (describing and introducing the band): "L'augmentation say our songs have a pop heart not without mood swings continental sound tracks for life lived at twenty four frames per second."

John Peel to band: "Did you really say that? (chuckling) Did you hear what I was saying? He can't... He can't hear me!?"

Simon Vincent: "I can..."

John Peel: "Oh you can.. Ok... Did you really say that L'augmentation say our songs have a pop heart not without mood swings continental sound tracks for life lived at twenty four frames per second."

Simon Vincent: "One of us did..."

John Peel: "Oh right but none of you are going to own up to it..."

Simon Vincent: "I have my suspicions."

John Peel: "Oh alright well, we don't want you breaking up under musical differences or quote differences... Or sound bite differences."

Simon Vincent: "It's already happened."


07 September 2012


SeafoodFormed in 1996, their second single was a one-off for Kooky in 1998 ['Psychic Rainy Nights' kookydisc005] which the NME described as "Sweeping guitar fuzz and enough hooks to raise the Titanic".

We liked them so much they came back for a guest appearance on our 'Once Upon A Time A Kooky' 10-year celebration compilation. We liked their artwork too as they were no slouches in that department either. Indeed, the band all exhibited their individual artwork at the annual Royal Academy postcard exhibition.

Seafood continued until 2009 on other labels including Fierce Panda and Cooking Vinyl before calling it a day.

Kooky Catalogue

Once Upon A Time A Kooky [kookydisc 24]
Psychic Rainy Nights [kookydisc 005]



06 September 2012


Cody - Dark BlueCalling themselves "a neat shoegazing drum'n'bass technopop miracle whip", Cody originated in Oxford as a 6-piece before shedding two members and releasing the 'Dark Blue' single on Kooky ("Northampton's home of the avant-garde") which Nightshift's Sue Foreman said is "resolutely lo-fi, pulsing and quivering along on a bolshy beat with Joe Boulter singing like an anaemic Phil Oakey while synthetic flutes and Cocteaus guitars chime merrily in the background". We liked it too.

Kooky Catalogue

Dark Blue



05 September 2012


Pram from Birmingham released one single on Kooky - 'The Last Astronaut'. This was a 7-inch in a limited edition of 2,000 copies on black vinyl, the first 150 of which are in numbered 'eagle-eye' sleeves. The video is rather spiffing and here it is:

"Birmingham's Pram craft fairytales from concrete reality."

- extract from Domino Records biography

Kooky Catalogue

Once Upon A Time A Kooky
Pram - The Last Astronaut


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Domino Records