23 August 2012

The Parks Dept

The Parks Dept.Musician/Producer Luke Farmer first came to prominence on the music scene in 2001 as one quarter of indie-rock band Kapowski. After 5 years of touring and a release with Fierce Panda, a change of direction was required. Having always been involved with the production side of Kapowski, there had always been an interest in electronics and sound engineering.

"The development of The Parks Dept. had in a way already begun before I realised, because I'd been producing my own music at home which always had a natural leaning towards other influences such as electronica and electro house".

The Parks Dept. sound has been favourably compared to LCD Soundsystem, Joy Division and Daft Punk although Luke's musical influences come from less obvious reference points such as Lightning Bolt and Belle & Sebastian.

The Weekend Starts Round Here' E.P. was the debut release written and recorded during 2007 and released in June 2008. The debut album 'No/Noise' was released on Kooky in January 2010 and is still available via the Kooky Buy it Now button and iTunes [UK].

Kooky Catalogue

No / Noise
The Weekend Starts Round Here E.P.


I'll Never Stop Coming Home To You

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