27 August 2012

Mark Tranmer (Gnac)

Mark Tranmer - Scoop of Ice Cream MoonMark records mainly as Gnac and he is also known for his work with The Montgolfier Brothers (alongside Roger Quigley).

Kookywise, first there was Gnac's 'A Tangle With' (Kookydisc007) which was a limited edition single with 750 copies on black vinyl and 250 copies on racing green vinyl

Then, 2004's 'Scoop Of Ice Cream Moon' (Kookydisc017) was released in Mark's own name.

'Scoop of Ice Cream Moon' has been digitally remastered [->] with 5 extra tracks via Vespertine (and now credited to Gnac) plus Mark has a new album out 1 October (but available to pre-order in a special edition now) on Vertical Features called 'How Scarlet The Leaves [->]'.


Mark Tranmer - Scoop of Ice Cream Moon

Gnac - A Tangle With...


Mark Tranmer - Smile Like June



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