20 August 2012


Dollboy - A Beard of Bees"Oliver Cherer - the aural alchemist behind Dollboy - has quietly gone about making a name for himself on the margins of British underground pop music for well over a decade now. From his early days spent gratifyingly abusing a Theremin in big-beat band, Cooler, to his Dollboy stage name's forays into soft-focus movements of psycho geographically informed ambient music, Cherer's is a restless, creative muse."

-- Extract from biography on sharemyplaylists.com

"If the Tardis spat Edward Elgar out into a Shropshire glade with a Roland DX7, a guitar and no direction home, you suspect that the results would not be dissimilar"

-- The Times

Kooky Catalogue

Further Excursions Into the Ulu With Dollboy


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