30 August 2012


Topper play an instore gig at HMV in CardiffBand from North Wales who recorded one single for Kooky in 1998.

Kooky Catalogue

Cwpan Men Dwr [Kookydisc009]


Cwpan Men Dwr - YouTube video


27 August 2012

Mark Tranmer (Gnac)

Mark Tranmer - Scoop of Ice Cream MoonMark records mainly as Gnac and he is also known for his work with The Montgolfier Brothers (alongside Roger Quigley).

Kookywise, first there was Gnac's 'A Tangle With' (Kookydisc007) which was a limited edition single with 750 copies on black vinyl and 250 copies on racing green vinyl

Then, 2004's 'Scoop Of Ice Cream Moon' (Kookydisc017) was released in Mark's own name.

'Scoop of Ice Cream Moon' has been digitally remastered [->] with 5 extra tracks via Vespertine (and now credited to Gnac) plus Mark has a new album out 1 October (but available to pre-order in a special edition now) on Vertical Features called 'How Scarlet The Leaves [->]'.


Mark Tranmer - Scoop of Ice Cream Moon

Gnac - A Tangle With...


Mark Tranmer - Smile Like June



26 August 2012

Kooky Records Shop

The new Shop is here and presents in one handy place all the catalogue that items that remain on sale. Sadly that doesn't include any of our early output but you can get your hands on several great releases by The Durutti Column, The Retro Spankees, New Buffalo and The Parks Dept.

23 August 2012

Welcome to Kooky v3.0

We've been busy (so much so it has taken us 2 or 3 years to decide what we want to do) with a reshuffle of the Kooky pack and the results are now here for all to see.

We've stripped the site back to its bare essentials, ditched the dodgy wallpaper and added in a few discreet bells and whistles. And it will work on your mobile.

Oh and we have a new release out, the excellent 'Further Excursions Into The Ulu With Dollboy' by Dollboy which is available to buy now with Paypal for a bargain £8.00 inc Worldwide P&P.

We hope you like our new direction.

Dollboy - Further Excursions into The ULU with Dollboy

Kookydisc 32


1. All Of The Stars Part 1
2. Seven Again Or Dust
3. Alice In Clear Water
4. HellicopterMicrobes
5. The Ventriloquist
6. Love Your Mother
7. Arctic Winter
8. Friendly Borders
9. No Trubba!
10. A Golden Age
11. The Sun Will Rise
12. All Of The Stars Part 2

Released 20 August 2012


Drowned In Sound

Further Excursions into The ULU with Dollboy is available to buy via Cargo.

New Buffalo

New BuffaloAustralian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Sally Seltman recorded as New Buffalo from 2000 to 2009. Her first album 'The Last Beautiful Day' was released on Kooky in 2004.

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The Last Beautiful Day


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The Durutti Column

The Durutti Column - Four Factory Records"The Durutti Column featuring Vini Reilly, a classically-trained pianist and virtuoso guitarist, took their name from Spanish revolutionary Buenaventura Durruti and the cartoon of Two Situationist Cowboys in the comic Le Retour De La Colonne Durutti (1966). Centred around Reilly, the then five-piece band recorded two tracks for FAC-2 A Factory Sample, the first ever music release on Factory Records. Vini, not happy with the band or the punk-styled recording, then walked out because it was "complete and total rubbish". Alan and Tony persuaded Vini to return, saying "you are The Durutti Column" and the rest is history.

"To this day, The Durutti Column is still essentially Vini Reilly. But whilst he is the constant, legendary Manchester musician, nay institution, Bruce Mitchell (ex-Alberto Y Trios Lost Paranoias) has been the drummer since the seminal album LC (1981). A succession of other guests has augmented the line-up over the years, notably John Metcalfe (The Duke Quartet), Tim Kellett (Olive, Simply Red) and Keir Stewart (Durutti producer and more since 1997)."

-- extract of biography from thedurutticolumn.com

Kooky Shop

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The Durutti Column Subscription Group

This was a subscription-only service available to everyone and was unlimited but unavailable in the shops. Please note that these albums are no longer available.

Faith (The Durutti Column Subscription Service CD 2004)
The Second Durutti Column Subscription Service CD



The Retro Spankees

The Retro Spankees"Hyperactive racket from four reject space cadets out to prove they have nothing to prove"

-- Twitter

The Retro Spankees released their debut album I Know You Are But What Am I? on Kooky Records in March 2006, on both CD and limited edition 12" vinyl formats.

Kooky Catalogue

Vowel Play
I Know You Are But What Am I?
My Sonic Driver


Official site

The Parks Dept

The Parks Dept.Musician/Producer Luke Farmer first came to prominence on the music scene in 2001 as one quarter of indie-rock band Kapowski. After 5 years of touring and a release with Fierce Panda, a change of direction was required. Having always been involved with the production side of Kapowski, there had always been an interest in electronics and sound engineering.

"The development of The Parks Dept. had in a way already begun before I realised, because I'd been producing my own music at home which always had a natural leaning towards other influences such as electronica and electro house".

The Parks Dept. sound has been favourably compared to LCD Soundsystem, Joy Division and Daft Punk although Luke's musical influences come from less obvious reference points such as Lightning Bolt and Belle & Sebastian.

The Weekend Starts Round Here' E.P. was the debut release written and recorded during 2007 and released in June 2008. The debut album 'No/Noise' was released on Kooky in January 2010 and is still available via the Kooky Buy it Now button and iTunes [UK].

Kooky Catalogue

No / Noise
The Weekend Starts Round Here E.P.


I'll Never Stop Coming Home To You

20 August 2012


Dollboy - A Beard of Bees"Oliver Cherer - the aural alchemist behind Dollboy - has quietly gone about making a name for himself on the margins of British underground pop music for well over a decade now. From his early days spent gratifyingly abusing a Theremin in big-beat band, Cooler, to his Dollboy stage name's forays into soft-focus movements of psycho geographically informed ambient music, Cherer's is a restless, creative muse."

-- Extract from biography on sharemyplaylists.com

"If the Tardis spat Edward Elgar out into a Shropshire glade with a Roland DX7, a guitar and no direction home, you suspect that the results would not be dissimilar"

-- The Times

Kooky Catalogue

Further Excursions Into the Ulu With Dollboy


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