18 June 2011

Vinyl releases to come

Hello people out there....

We will be doing some very limited vinyl runs over the next few months just to keep the turntable well-oiled here at Kooky towers....

Under pretty heavy rotation will be

The Icypoles

The Icypoles grew out of a soundtrack to an experimental film and Isobel Knowles's love for 60s girl group garage bands and film music that creates a particular dark ambience. She work-shopped some band names with her best friends Tara Shackell and Kim White and together with them created the idea of The Icypoles.

Suddenly there was a new reason to write music and a small repertoire emerged. The songs featured on debut release, Promise To Stay represent this first collection.

Tara and Isobel were invited to join Architecture in Helsinki soon after The Icypoles started playing to audiences and there was a long pause in the development of the band while AIH toured the globe. But the idea stayed strong and more songs showed their faces over the years.

The Durutti Column

Vini and Co are still finishing off the finer points of Chronicle. In the meantime I am set to release the first Durutti column seven inch single for over twenty years.

More acts to be confirmed - watch this space!

Kooky Krew - wet northants