10 May 2011

Chronicle - Premiere CD & Comments

As per the last posting....The Chronicle premiere CD's that were left over have now gone I am afraid - thanks for the great support!!!

These will be posted out early next week due to heavy personal commitments.

A couple of pointers in general with the show CD's

1) They are CDR.
They have been professionally copied and litho printed. The mixes will be slightly different to the finished album. We had no time to run the album 'proper' and had to obligate the venue with the release.

2) 13 not 14 tracks...!
Wild Beast Tamed is missing........ er ......... we think!

3) Artwork
The images used may alter on the final release...

If you didnt get one - I am sorry - I did my best to sort everyone out...

Watch out for the blaggers on eBay !!


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