10 May 2011

Chronicle - Premiere CD & Comments

As per the last posting....The Chronicle premiere CD's that were left over have now gone I am afraid - thanks for the great support!!!

These will be posted out early next week due to heavy personal commitments.

A couple of pointers in general with the show CD's

1) They are CDR.
They have been professionally copied and litho printed. The mixes will be slightly different to the finished album. We had no time to run the album 'proper' and had to obligate the venue with the release.

2) 13 not 14 tracks...!
Wild Beast Tamed is missing........ er ......... we think!

3) Artwork
The images used may alter on the final release...

If you didnt get one - I am sorry - I did my best to sort everyone out...

Watch out for the blaggers on eBay !!


08 May 2011

End of Chronicle pre-release

The internet sale of the limited edition pre-release version of Chronicle, the new album by The Durutti Column is now over. I'm sure Phil would like to thank you all for your many orders from around the world.

Watch this space for news of the upcoming full release.

01 May 2011

Chronicle - Information on tracklisting

It has been bought to my attention that one of the tracks, at the last minute, was removed from the master.

Vini didn't like it  and the sleeve had already been printed !!

blame the artist  !!!!!!!
Bruce Mitchell

Chronicle - limited release

The new Durutti Column album 'Chronicle' was premiered at Manchester last night.

A really special thank you to all those who attended - especially the usual suspects Ian,JC,Bryan,Birmingham Folk,Alken,David,Huw,Fernando etc etc

There are a few additional copies of the limited release available for mail order. This is a lanyard c/w CD and booklet which was specially commissioned for the show only.

We will sell them on behalf of the band for £15 worldwide - a buy it now button will appear soon.

PLEASE NOTE !!!!!!!!

Please wait to purchase via our site ~ we cannot reserve any copies at all.

More information will be here soon - hopefully by Tuesday night

Bye for now


Phil Cleaver