30 April 2011

The Durutti Column - Chronicle (pre-release)

ChronicleCDR: UK 30.04.11 (Kooky Records kookydisc 34)


01 Fanfare
02 Synergetic
03 Wild Beast Tamed*
04 Ananda
05 Accord
06 Time To Lift
07 Anguish of the Text Message
08 What Is It Worth
09 Someone Got Away
10 Jeeves and Wooster
11 Friends
12 Emptyness
13 No More Close To Me
14 Resolution

Music & Photography
Vini Reilly / Design TJ & HM

* - credited on artwork but not on album due to being withdrawn at 11th hour

Limited edition initial copies were only available with a ticket at The Durutti Column's concert at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on Saturday 30 April 2011. Currently not on sale.


  1. Are there still plans to release this in 2013? Not sure if what I saw was just a rumour. I'd love to get this if possible.

  2. i love durutti i want this !!!

  3. Well I wish this CD goes out to the market, specially when unfortunatelly not everybody can go to their concerts in Spain! If it is hard to obtain their records here with this one I cannot imagine. From a long time fan of DC, keep playing but also sell records please.