17 January 2011

Vini Reilly pre-release out now

As previously mentioned, we will be re-releasing the seminal Durutti Column album Vini Reilly in Spring 2011.

It will consist of two discs: the original album re-mastered by Keir Stewart and a nine-track bonus disc of unheard studio out-takes from a session TDK tape which has been in the possession of Vini and not played for many years!

The album package features new artwork by Trevor Johnson and Mark Warner's original black & white photography.

Whilst the formal release is later in the Spring 2011 (exact date TBC), the album will, however, be available on a strictly limited pre-sale basis direct from ourselves and thedurutticolumn.com for only £13.00 (Paypal only) including postage and packing to anywhere in the world.

Please note there will only be a limited amount sold via this method and it is being sold on a strictly first come first served basis. We can therefore not reserve any copies.

Tracklisting (Kookydisc 30/1)

1. Love no more
2. Pol in G
3. Opera I
4. People's Pleasure Park
5. Red Square
6. Finding The Sea
7. Otis
8. William B
9. They Work Every Day
10. Opera II
11. Homage to Catalonea
12. Requiem Again

Tracklisting (Kookydisc 30/2)

1. Opera Two Demo
2. Finding The Sea - One
3. PPP Demo
4. Juan Montero Sketch One
5. Sample Tune
6. Finding The Sea - Two
7. Juan Montero Sketch Two
8. William B Demo
9. Sketches on Stratocaster

Visit the Kooky Catalogue for more details.

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