22 June 2010

The Durutti Column - A Paean To Wilson (2CD)

The Durutti Column - A Paean To WilsonThe Durutti Column
A Paean To Wilson

Kookydisc 29/1 & 29/2

Released 24 January 2010

Liner notes by Vini Reilly

A Paean to Wilson is part of a body of work which I started around the time that my friend, Tony Wilson died. Towards the end of his illness, I sent him an instrumental track and he loved it, so I decided that the right thing to do was carry on.

I was at the hospital when he died. We were very, very close. Afterwards, many things were done in his name. They were all about 'Mr Manchester', and about what Tony had done for music, art and literature. I didn't attend many of them. I'd just lost one of my closest friends and I had all the grief that you feel under such circumstances.

Once I'd got my act together though, I decided to do something for myself and for Tony.
The Durutti Column was Tony Wilson's baby. We were the first act signed up to his Factory club night and the first band signed to Factory Records. Over the years we worked on many albums together and the one thing that Tony and I always argued about was that he thought that I should make music and write rather than sing.

After he died, I decided to make a body of work which did not have traditional song structures and which was concerned solely with the musical content. My only objective was to create some music that Tony would thoroughly approve of. I think I've done that and, if his spirit lives on - which I like to think that it does - I want him to know that this is for him. Vini Reilly

A Paean To Wilson (2CD) is available to buy via Cargo.

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