30 November 2006

Kooky 10

Kooky 10
Kooky was ten years old and decided to celebrate by putting a show at The Soundhaus in their home town Northampton on Friday 3 November 2006. The Durutti Column, gnac and The Retro Spankees played - all as artistes recoding with or had recorded on the label. DJ duties were left to MAPS - Northampton's new bright young things signed to the MUTE label.

Admission included a free CD containing tracks from The Durutti Column, Pram, Misty's Big Adventure, The Retro Spankees, gnac, Maps, Formula One, Doctor Josh, Winston Echo and Seafood.

The Durutti Column consisted of Bruce and Vini only - perhaps the first time they had played as a duo for some 15/20 years???!!!!

The event was compered by local legend Winston Echo who had specially written a track for the ten years of Kooky but dropped his guitar breaking the jack lead in the input meaning that we had no time to hear it!

Listen to A Song for Kooky by Winston Echo [Download mp3].

A finale saw The Durutti Column do their 'Tomorrow Never Knows/Within You Without You' mix containing all those who had played on stage - some of whom were pretty worse for the celebratory hospitality.

After-show birthday cakes beats and Budvar were enjoyed by all. It was great to see so many fans,old friends, old artists and those who help with the running at one place.

01 July 2006

The Second Durutti Column Subscription Service CD

The Second Durutti Column Subscription Service CD
The Second Durutti Column Subscription Service CD [dcsub06]

CD: UK 01.07.06 (Kooky Records / thedurutticolumn.com dcsub06)


1. Roksoff
2. Adore Me
3. New Start
4. It's Your Love Baby
5. French Opera I
6. Guitar Piece 1989
7. Detail For Paul - Demo
8. Conduct / Sketch For Winter - Demo
9. We're Gonna Keep Playing It 'Til We Get It Right


Sleeve photograph by Rachel McFarlane. Compiled by Phil Cleaver and Alex McMurtrie with special thanks to Mark Refoy for mastering. Kooky in association with thedurutticolumn.com. cat no: dcsub06. © The Durutti Column 2006.


"A subscription-only service available to everyone, unlimited but unavailable in the shops! An annual newsletter and a free CD of unreleased tracks, demos, outtakes across the years. All copies are available at any time. This is not a limited edition; DO NOT BUY from eBay at higher prices; copies will always be pressed to suit demand."

Please note that this CD is no longer available.