08 May 2004

Faith (The Durutti Column Subscription Service CD 2004)

Faith (The Durutti Column Subscription Service CD 2004)
'Faith: The Durutti Column Subscription Group CD [dcsub04]

CD: UK 08.05.04 (Kooky Records / thedurutticolumn.com dcsub04)


1. Faith
2. Creole
3. Woman strat' version
4. Swim 2 the sea
5. Minature opera
6. Believe in me - version
7. Miller's mess
8. missing boy - demo
9. Intervals - demo


Not for sale

Free to Durutti Column subscription members
Sleeve photograph by Rachel Mcfarlane
Compiled by Phil Cleaver and Alex McMurtrie with special thanks to Mark Refoy for mastering
cat.no: dcsub04
© the durutti column 2004

In association with thedurutticolumn.com
Kooky. PO Box 5188, Northampton NN1 4ZA. kookydiscs@btinternet.com
contact us: www.thedurutticolumn.com


Subscription-only cd available to members of The Durutti Column Subscription Service. Also sold initially at the Liverpool Academy 2 gig on Saturday 8 May 2004.

Please note that this CD is no longer available

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