22 June 2010

The Durutti Column - The Return of the Sporadic Recordings

The Durutti Column - 'Return of the Sporadic Recordings' Double CD albumThe Durutti Column

Double CD album


2 CD set


Return Of The Sporadic Recordings

For Soph
Final Cut
Silent Nite
Smiles U Gave Away
Waiting 4 The Earth
U Didn't Need Me
How Do U Think It's Going To Feel?
Slo-Glyde [Download mp3]
Returned Love
Catos Con Guantes
Vampire Business
Zinni Tune
I'm Nowhere
Only Love

The Sporadic Recordings

Nile Opera
Kind Of Love
For Steven Patrick
We Stumble
Sketch of a Manchester Summer 1989
Arpeggiator II
Diazepam 5 mgs
But Was I...?
Pol In Ab
Another Mirror - Another Wall
30 Oldham St
For Lydia
Detail For Heidi And Jodie
Zinni's Dance
PPP Version
For Lucy H
It's A Bright Guilty World Part I
It's A Bright Guilty World Part II
Nile Reprise
Diazepam 10 mgs

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