18 November 2015

Mail Order Suspended Until January 2016

Please note that Kooky Mail Order is suspended with immediate effect until the New Year. All existing orders will be honoured and we will return in January 2016. Please watch this website and on Twitter for further updates.

31 August 2015

Durutti - new releases

The following two releases are now available on the durutti.co.uk website.


Re-released as a 180 gram vinyl pressing c/w a Compact Disc, rather than a download code, these were remastered in July 2015 from original vinyl as tape masters are not available. 

Both formats are of the complete respective albums but using two different masters specifically for vinyl and compact disc respectively.

They are available to PRE ORDER NOW via mail order, at the above website  ONLY. There is an option to bundle both and save postage.

You can place orders until 22.00 hours BST on 30th September 2015. After this time we will be closing up the book.

Those who place an order and thus pay before this time only are guaranteed a copy There is no limit we will press to suit demand.

28 February 2015

New DURUTTI online store now open!

New official Durutti Column merchandisePhil Kooky (aka @duruttiphil) has set up a new website for the sale of merchandise for The Durutti Column. DURUTTI at durutti.co.uk is open now for the sale of mugs, t-shirts and bags.

As things get going there will also be music releases and other items.

09 December 2014

Chronicle XL - latest ordering details - Dec. 2014

Chronicle XL by The Durutti Column is selling well in all good stores.... but a few copies are now available to buy direct via mail order from Kooky.

As previously:

It is first come first served and one only.
No reservations - you buy one to get one (obvious?).
One per household.
If you bought one previously please let someone else get one - or try your local store.

Please do not panic.....! There are still plenty available at your local store so you can obtain one there!

This is a few that were not passed on to the press. They are part of the 'general' release i.e. not the first 500 or so.

thanks a lot


L'augmentation - Encore et Nouveau - Worshipped and Re-released

Living life at twenty four frames a second.... for a second time.

Roger Linney at Reverb Worship has put together a collection of wonderful tunes from l'augmentation in a limited edition CD of 100 copies.

so... it's here to buy on eBay at the moment!

Please be quick


03 November 2014

Laurie Laptop and Black Rivers

Hello Folks

Mr Laurie Laptop - Durutti Column collaborators' latest remix is of the Black Rivers new single, Voyager 1. It's been made Q-Magazine track of the day.

This may be released on vinyl in the near future, but feel free to listen here in the meantime!

31 October 2014

Nightingale Variations (kookydisc 37)

Nightingale Versions (kookydisc 37)Nightingale Versions will be released on 24 November 2014 as a limited edition CD from Kooky Records. Ten artists have each provided a track; with their individual interpretation of a field recording of Nightingale bird song made by Phil Cleaver at Glapthorn Cow Pastures.

The same source was offered to all the artists to use however they wished in some part.

This recording of male Nightingales was recorded during the early spring when the unpaired male Nightingale shows off its loud, melodic and percussive song as it looks to attract a mate and define territory. The song of the Nightingale has been described as one of the most beautiful sounds in nature. Loud, with an impressive range of whistles, trills and gurgles; it has been inspiring songs, fairy tales, opera, books, and a great deal of poetry over many years.

The compilation has electronic and ambient contributions from John Foxx, Micronormous (aka Matthew Eaton from Pram) and Laurie Laptop (Durutti Column); through to the cinematic Mark Tranmer (gnac) and darker more industrial Andrew Liles (Current 93, Faust, Nurse With Wound) and Windy and Carl. Slipstream and Oliver Cherer (Dollboy) offer two beautiful pop gems to complete patchwork of offerings.

1. John Foxx - A Small Wood In A Big World
2. Michael Tanner - Apollyan in D
3. Slipstream - Fly
4. Micronormous - Migration
5. Mark Tranmer - uguisubari
6. Woodcraft Folk - Glass Bells
7. Windy and Carl - Night
8. Andrew Liles - Annie
9. Laurie Laptop - Silva Pslamus
10. Oliver Cherer - Judy Makes Three